The Juice Is Loose.

I want to be honest with you. I’m a little dramatic.

We should just clear the air so later on you won’t accuse me of something I’ve already admitted to. I’ve always had a lust for life. I mostly blame television and my sheltered upbringing.

I’m a basket case with larger than life aspirations.

Also I’ve always been a rather indulgent storyteller. I embellish every detail not only for my enjoyment as I tell the story but also because I don’t want it to diminish. I want it to become a vibrant memory we both share.

That’s what I want you to remember about me the most.

I’m a details guy not because I believe in perfection but because I want to capture that instant, that split second everyone else will easily forget.

I am not the voice of my generation and I don’t believe we have one yet because no one is willing to speak up, at least not for the right reasons. Everyone is so eager to say something or capture your attention but rarely is someone actually paying attention to what they are saying.  I just want to share my stories and perhaps point out a few things you may not be noticing.

I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of an ego. How can an entire generation be so fickle and indifferent and still have managed to become so ego driven, narcissistic, and privileged? So pleased with itself that it deserves a “selfie” to document every passing moment, stripping away its authenticity one shot at a time.

Floating away into a drop box in cyberspace awaiting recovery.

When I take a cheap shot at you don’t be alarmed. This exercise i.e. “The Juicebox” is mostly aimed at flirting with my ego and trying to remain true to my intentions and myself. No one is going to make fun of me as much as I’m about to make fun of myself. I don’t want your twitter beef, I want your undivided attention because I want to inspire change.

I think our perception of the world has been muddled with memes and a mobile-based techie lifestyle. The world lacks true connections. The alternatives to face to face communication are too many to count and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships are changing with a mixed bag of incendiary results. We are no longer required to engage each other by physical means alone and one can’t help but become out of touch not with just humanity but ourselves.

Bullies, recluses, stalkers, fanatics, divas – there are a slew of options to choose from so you can become anyone but yourself.

What is everyone hiding from?

I don’t have to portray myself as an over the top personality because that is who I am. I’ve always been a little bit too much and like my brother will always tell me, “Juice you’re at an 11, I need you at a 4.”

I expect you to do the same. We should have a dialogue. I have something to say and you are entitled to your opinion and more importantly you should have one about anything and everything.

A critical event is about to occur. Society will be asked to reconcile our overgrown egos and the direction we are heading with the behavior that has become the new normal. News tickers shoot across the screen detailing twitter spats for the day. The rattle and hum of our gossip-mongering news cycle doesn’t jive with the dangers of future shocks we have yet to endure.

There are plenty of evildoers lining up to take their shots at us and we shouldn’t be busy turning on each other.  We have to recover a sense of community. Too many devices are driving us apart and we need to begin using them to piece ourselves back together.  I decided that I could create this blog and share some personal essays and some ideas about things that I love like people and music and art.

My name is Jeremy Muniz and this is my blog: The Juicebox.

I’m not late to the party. I was just busy being a wallflower but now I’m ready to dance.



  1. Gina

    Wonderful job, however I feel like my 22 year old daughter has described some of what you speak to me…you are not alone in your thoughts..

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