Juicy Tracks : Grown Woman

Hey Beyonce, what the deuce?

I saw that Pepsi Ad and I heard that Timbaland song. I know you’re keeping Grown Woman from me. YouTube had it uploaded for one glorious day and it’s still floating around on the inter webs. I don’t know what you’re afraid of, this track is live!

A vibrant mash up of tribal chants and beat box grinding together into a feverish groove. A sass-mouthin’ declaration of independence, heavy on solidarity unlike the coarse Bow Down/I Been On. This rebel yell is full of gumption and years ahead of the Top 40 cat calls and party girl anthems.

“I know the world and I know who I am. ‘Bout time I show it.”

Grown Woman is rounding up the troops. A battle cry with a world beat to back it up. The glass ceiling hasn’t been broken but it has everyone moving in different directions. This song is about moving onwards and upwards. This beat is throwing punches at anyone that stands in her way.

“They love the way I walk cause I walk with a vengeance.”

If Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was all about the party, Grown Woman is about running the show. Divas and single ladies have been pumping their fists on the dance floor for Knowles since Say My NameGrown Woman is a stiletto stomping anthem. A knock out addition to Knowles hit list.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter have got all the attention they could ever ask for so this is the part where everyone finds out exactly what they have to say. Knowles has found her confidence but can she impart that wisdom to those who need it.

GaGa and Ke$ha are preaching about unity among every color, race, gender, and sexuality because that’s what they believe and their fans are listening. As a woman of color, Knowles has a unique perspective and it should not be wasted as some gimmick. She has a story to tell too and the pipes to sing all about it.

Before Britney put on a school girl uniform, Madonna told women to Express Yourself. I think it’s a shame Madonna hasn’t had anything relevant to say since. So what is Beyonce up to now?

Is this a call to arms or another stunt?

Between Teen Mom and Toddlers and Tiaras the world is short on role models. Female empowerment isn’t really on the table for discussion because the conversation got shut down. Sex has taken over. Attention is given to those who can glamour the public with their image and their perceived desirability. Pop Stars are becoming glorified strippers.

Beyonce is a grown woman and I think it’s time for her to start acting like the leader of the pack.


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