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Just In Case

History, personal experience, and romantic comedies have left me with a minuscule amount of knowledge of which I feel necessary to share with you. I don’t know shit about shit but there are a few things I wish someone had explained to me sooner than when I had found out for myself.

Also, if I get too preachy I apologize. I’ve had three glasses of wine and you’ll have to excuse me.

Unfortunately people will disappoint you. The human race is unique and imperfect. I am dishonest, manipulative, and selfish.  And on a good day I can be anything but my faults. Don’t pretend to be anyone but yourself and you’ll be better for it.

Make mistakes, own up to them and don’t make excuses for fucking up. Also if you make a habit of it, figure out why before you become the disappointment.

Only a very short list of people will hold your hair while you vomit or stop you from falling over into a puddle of your own piss when you are too drunk to do it for yourself. I suspect there are also a few people who would run into a burning building to find me if I was stuck inside, I hope.

Those are the people you don’t take for granted even when they take you for granted. They are the ones who will tell you to pull your head out of your ass when you lose sight of things. Sometimes they will let you fall on your face and let you figure it out for yourself. They are invaluable and you should treat them as such.

There is never a good reason or excuse not to wear a condom. If you are allergic, there are alternatives and if you are given an excuse I assure you it will never be a good one. Your body is a temple and if you don’t think it as much consider reevaluating your priorities.

Knowledge is power, some STDs are forever, and a modern woman has options but those exist for particular reasons. Don’t be careless, be cautious. Emergency exits are for an emergency.

Prince Charming isn’t real and neither is Mr. Big. Fall in love with whoever you want but consider the reasons. You shouldn’t be with someone because they make you weak. You should be with the person who makes you stronger, the person you choose to be with and wants to be with you. And when or if they make you reconsider that decision be smart enough to walk away.

I’m gonna wrap this up with a juicy tidbit you’re gonna wanna remember.

Never ever give up on yourself, especially on the shit bad days when everything has fallen to pieces. Every now and then you’ll embarrass yourself and make the bad decision and say yes when you should say no. That doesn’t matter, what matters is being able to get yourself out of whatever hole you’ve dug and buried yourself in.

We don’t have nine lives but somedays you have to live like you do. That’s a long time to wander around and rely on other people because you don’t trust the only person you can really rely on. Don’t give up on yourself.

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